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  1. After a couple of good downpours, the earth was quite nice and soft, so I decided to get out and start digging the ground elder from our front garden.  I’m not really what you would call a gardener, more someone who does gardening.  The result of this is a seriously weedy front bed! 

    If you have a garden with ground elder, you’ll know the challenge I’m facing – never has a plant devised so many ways to ensure it not only survives, but thrives and rules.  After several hours of digging I got to thinking how negative thoughts are like ground elder.  If you take the time to dig it out and destroy it as soon as it rears its pretty little green leaves, the problem is gone.  Let it grow, and it turns into a massive problem, which takes hard work and determination to overcome. 

    In the case of the weed, there are thick roots which peel apart to allow new growth, little white shooting roots, clusters of pale cream, worm like roots and I don’t even want to think about their pepper pot like seed heads. They are determined to survive and their roots weave in between the other beautiful plants in the bed, making it almost impossible to extricate.  It is fast growing and spreads as well, and pulling off or strimming the leaves makes it grow even more densely.  Pulling out the obvious shoots and planting something else there as a distraction simply won’t work as the weed simply shoots back up, overwhelming the new plants, weakening or strangling them.  And it appears that even when the bed is clear, some of those blessed little roots lurk, hidden in the soil, and they start to shoot more little leaves out, which I will dig out and destroy.

    Our negative and faulty thoughts work in just the same way.  Making a habit of challenging them when they first arise, digging them out and ditching them, keeps their growth under control.  But when they grow and get out of control they can overwhelm, spoiling any joy or positivity and causing us pain, grief and fear.  At least we can do the work on our minds sitting comfortably in hypnosis, which makes it far more attractive than the hard graft of weeding, and if there are any lingering roots, we can ditch them using self-hypnosis. 

    And yes, thank goodness the physical pain from gardening can be helped with self-hypnosis too!

  2. Many years ago I trained with The Yellow Dragon Institute to become a Feng Shui Practitioner, learning about the traditional ancient art of placement.  Although I decided not to follow this career path, like many other areas of learning, I have brought forward the golden nuggets and do apply them both in life and in my business. The basic idea of Feng Shui is that by placing items very specifically in correct places one is able to encourage the healthy flow of positive energy, thus ensuring better health, wealth and happiness.  An integral part of this is removing clutter, or what is sometimes called space clearing.

    You know that wonderfully light feeling when you have been through an untidy cupboard or drawer, putting everything in its correct place and throwing out the rubbish?  Or conversely the stuck feeling when a corner becomes cluttered with stuff?  Of course you may be that person who has a place for everything and everything in its place, in which case you never have to face the traumas of clutter busting and please come and sort my daughter’s bedroom!

    After shifting all the mess and clutter, the next part of space clearing is to raise the positive energy.  This starts with a really good clean, vacuuming up ancient cobwebs and dust, polishing surfaces to add a bit of a shine and letting a bit of fresh air flow through.  Then we add the sparkle!  For some people, playing music shifts the energy (traditionally this is done with bells, drums and rattles or by singing.)   Others like to place objects such as crystals or wind chimes, but a bunch of spring flowers will bring life and energy to any area.  At this point it may feel appropriate to repaint the walls, paint the ceiling and replace the curtains, but anything which makes you feel relaxed and comfortable is just right for you.

    By now you may be wondering if I have decided to convert back to using my Yellow Dragon License (yes, I really do have such a thing), but in fact I’m going to move onto the mind now.

    In much the same way as we hang on to unwanted items in our homes, muddling up our drawers and piling things to sort later in corners, we do a very similar thing with our thoughts and ideas.  Just today I was working with a client and we discovered how amazing it can be to de-clutter the brain, stripping away the old, unwanted and outdated thoughts and sending them to the tip.  Using a powerful vacuum to permanently clear away the cobwebs and filling the clear space with positive new energy to allow positive thoughts to flourish. In this instance, knowing how challenging getting rid of the unwanted mental clutter would be, hypnotherapy enabled me to create a situation where he was able to watch himself as a detached observer, one removed from the action and yet still seeing and then feeling the benefits.

    In my Meditation Classes I have often used a ‘Cupboard Clearing’ meditation to help clients to discard all the unwanted rubbish from their emotional cupboards, and often this can be a very moving experience as they discover how many out of date products they are hoarding there.  Once again, after the clearing there is the opportunity to fill that space with positive energy which is both energising and healing, but this is a great example of where using the magic of hypnosis or self-hypnosis really is invaluable.

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