You can “Manifest a More Confident Me”.


One of the classic ways for improving your self-esteem or improving your confidence is to use self-affirmations.  By using a key phrase repeatedly, ideally speaking to yourself out loud in front of a mirror, you will start to believe in what you are telling yourself and begin to act accordingly. 

Your confidence is rather like a mental muscle.  Each time you exercise it, it becomes a little stronger, a little more toned.  As it becomes stronger, you find you can use it more easily and sustain the self-empowerment for longer.

There are some small hurdles to overcome if this is going to work for you.

hurdling hamsters 

Firstly, you need to overcome the embarrassment of actually standing in front of a mirror talking to yourself!  For some of us, making an apparent twit of ourselves is part of our normal, everyday routine.  But if you lack confidence, chances are this will be way outside of your comfort zone.  So start gently. 

Try sticking something in the corner of your mirror which will make you smile when you see it.  It could be a cartoon, a funny picture, a photo of someone who makes you want to smile, or some appropriately irreverent words. 

Why?  Well how nice will it be when that person in the mirror greets you each time your eyes meet with a smile or even a giggle?  You’ll find it really hard not to smile back at yourself smiling.

Then you might progress to a friendly greeting each time you and your reflection meet in the mirror (though not necessarily out loud when you see yourself in a shop window). If you are old enough to remember the TV series ‘Happy Days’, think of Fonzie! 

As you move forward you have to be believable!  If that image in the mirror, telling you that you are the most beautiful being in the universe, doesn’t believe it – why would you? 

Your affirmations need to be realistic and easily repeatable - after all, the idea is to increase your personal empowerment and not add another stress into your life.  Don’t focus on surface impressions, but aim for something which can really make a positive impact to your life. 

You may need to start at a basic level of physically taking better care of yourself, or emotionally supporting yourself.  It may be that you have negative attitudes which are holding you back, so you need to motivate yourself to change.  If you struggle to have the confidence to deal well with other people, there are motivational phrases which can help you to address that too.  You could start with something like:

“You allow yourself to treat yourself kindly”.


“You encourage yourself to achieve your aims”

You need to back this up.  All day, every day in every relevant situation, until you have created a state where being kind and/or encouraging to yourself is your regular state. 

With time, you may find you can use a different self – affirmation each week, or find it possible to empower yourself by simply reading your affirmation out loud to yourself.

Your self-affirmations need to be;                                                                             






They are going to help you to achieve your aim to; 





ME !

 To help you on your way, I have created some resources you may like to use to help you on the path to that more confident you. 

Confidence Cards Starter Pack

Click here to download this starter pack of motivational cards absolutely free.  There are 12 really effective phrases for increasing your self-confidence, self-motivation and self-belief.  Just print them and cut out the one you want to start with and attach it to your mirror.  There are also 4 blank cards so that you can use additional phrases which are personal to you.

 Confidence Cards Booster Pack

A further 18 downloadable motivation cards to supplement your free starter pack.

 My Mini Motivation Cards

This little pack contains 25 self-motivation cards.  They are small enough to carry around in your pocket, either as a pack for you to dip into whenever you feel inclined, or individually to be used as a regular reminder to yourself.  Sometimes, just reading a few familiar words can increase your self-belief, allowing you to give yourself permission to act in a more confident way.

Confidence boosting meditation MP3 download

I will gently support you as you work to gain your self-confidence, helping you to believe that you can achieve your aims.

My Mini Motivation Book

A little book full of manageable, motivational self-affirmations and memorable, meaningful confidence building tips.  A perfect little gift, either to yourself or someone you know who needs a little boost.