Hypnotherapy with Karen Puttick

Welcome!  And congratulations!

Karen-Puttick-7610-2You have taken the first step towards lasting change for you or your child.

I'm Karen Puttick, and whether you are experiencing depression or anxiety; facing a specific fear or habit change; or looking to take control over any aspect of your life, together, we will ,establish goals and create the mindset to succesfully achieve your desired outcome. Gently and effectively we can sow the seeds of change to move beyond unwanted thought patterns and habits and create lasting changes - helping you feel, think and behave better. 

Whether in your personal or professional life, I will help you become that person who knows they can do it - I will work with you to make lasting positive change.  

 You will learn to relax more easily and access the inner resources you already have to deal with the challenges in your life and achieve

  • increased personal resilience to cope with challenging and troubling problems
  • better focus 
  • a more realistic and positive self - image
  • better management of a whole range of health issues

Perhaps you would benefit from a 'kick start' to get you out of a rut and help you find whatever you need to live the life you want for yourself.  Working together, we create a plan which enables you to develop the right mindset to ultimately achieve your goal.

Find out how I can help you! 

Most people can benefit from hypnotherapy, including children including some SEN  so do contact me  for more information.

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* Guarantee *

I guarantee that you will receive professional, friendly and appropriate treatment at all times and that we will work together towards the best possible outcome.  I will offer you ongoing support as required, but will not continue treatment longer than necessary.  You will be offered every opportunity to learn methods and techniques which, with practice, you can personally apply in the future. In the unlikely event that you feel I am not fulfilling this guarantee then I will refund your current programme fees in full.