Manage Exam Nerves

Managing Exam Nerves

The Problems

  • Anxiety – can prevent ability to focus on revision or affect learning and exams
  • Negative thinking
  • Poorly defined revision, study and exam techniques
  • Inability to achieve full potential
  • Potential mental health issues


  • Better stress management leads to greater ability to focus on study and revision
  • Calming of negative thoughts leads to less pre-exam nerves
  • More relaxed exam technique leads to better exam results
  • Students are more able to realise their individual potential
  • Stress control techniques may reduce mental health problems both current and future
  • Students gain tools which build individual resilience and can be used for life


The Programme

This hypnotherapy programme is conducted over four sessions, specifically designed to bring about a positive change to a student’s mindset. It offers them a set of ‘mind management tools’ that can help them focus on success instead of focusing on negatives and failures.

This is not a short-term fix, it is creating skills for life, in that if that student uses the ‘tools’ they will develop a lifetimes habits for being calmer, more resilient to pressures and always perform at their very best. Every student learns a simple form of self-hypnosis which they can access for any situation in the future.

The Programme includes a support CD, which the student is asked to listen to each day, and which will reinforce the calmness state and rid the student of any build up of the little day to day stresses.


Individual Sessions Face to Face         Adult          School/Uni  

at my clinic or via Skype                      £300 pp               £250

2 persons sharing                                £155 pp                £130

3 persons sharing                               £105  pp                £85

4 persons (at my clinic only)              £80   pp                 £65

5- 15 persons at your venue             £100  pp                £80

(mileage over 30 miles at 30p per mile additional)

Every programme includes 4 sessions, audio download/CD and any additional resources required.  Payment is due at time of booking. 

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