Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different ways to make changes to your health, mindset and lifestyle.  The list below is just some of the proven ways I can help you.

 If you are unsure about the nature of hypnotherapy, then please  download this information.

In addition to my general practice, I have areas of very specific expertise:

There are many other things which hypnotherapy is very effective for and I will always let you know whether or not I can help you.  I can support you through transitions and changes, offering you a toolbox full of personal resources, so please do get in touch.   Sometimes simply discussing an issue helps you start the pathway to change, and meeting me for your free 20 minute exploratory session will help us identify exactly how I can help you.

Medical doctors, dentists and other practitioners are able to recommend you to me for treatment, secure in the knowledge that I will work WITH them, and will never suggest that you ignore their advice or cease medication without explicit direction from them.