Workplace Support

Support in The Workplace

Is your workplace a happy, healthy place to be?  Are there particular areas of wellbeing within your professional environment which need some help? There are many ways in which I can support you and/or your employees to create a happy, healthy workplace.

You might ask why you would bother.  A happy, healthy workforce offer higher productivity, less absenteeism, are more motivated, innovative and engaged. So how can I help you?

Group Hypnosis or 1-2-1

I will help your team to stop smoking or manage weight; overcome exam anxieties; get better sleep or manage stress. I will create a group programme tailored to their needs. Individuals who are being held back in their career by presentation anxiety, fear of flying, high blood pressure or other mindset issues can be supported 1-2-1.

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      Mental Wellness

      A happy, resilient workforce is more productive, cohesive and engaged. Mindfulness, meditation and mindset management  will achieve that. I can help change the way you and your team approach mental health care in a practical, long-lasting way either as a group or supporting individuals to retain their role.

      Away-days and Conferences

      I would love to speak with you about the variety of ways I can serve your business at events.

      I offer work based Laughter Yoga. The benefits of LY are proven to be both effective and long lasting and can also be used for conflict resolution and morale building.

      I teach a broad range of mindset management techniques and am happy to present to your team to support re-setting their mindsets.

      Call me on 07886 190921 or contact me

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