High Blood Pressure?  Hypnotherapy really can help!

cardiac-156059_640Your blood pressure naturally changes throughout the day, depending on your emotional state and physical activity levels.  A typical normal blood pressure reading is under 120/80 mmHg, and high blood pressure is defined as a reading of 140/90 or higher over a period of several weeks. Remember that many things can affect your blood pressure reading, so one high reading does not necessarily mean high blood pressure but when it stays consistently too high over time it is known as high blood pressure or ‘hypertension’, which literally means ‘over pressure’.  A blood pressure of 160/100 mmHg or above carries a significant risk to health and generally requires medication to lower it. However, there are other factors that may be taken into account and medication can vary from one person to another.

High blood pressure accounts for 20-25% of all deaths worldwide and affects approximately one in three people worldwide. That’s over 16 Million people in the UK, and 50 million people in the USA. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases of high blood pressure (the ‘Primary’ or ‘Essential’ Hypertension cases), doctors are unable to find a physical cause – and that’s where hypnotherapy can help. 

And the great news is that I can work with you to not just deal with the immediate problem, but I can help you completely change your lifestyle.

Factors affecting blood pressure

There are many physical, emotional and lifestyle factors which affect blood pressure. The most common risk factors are:

  • The health of your heart, arteries and kidneys
  • Your emotional ‘stress’ levels
  • How much salt you eat
  • How much exercise you do
  • How much alcohol you drink
  • How overweight you are

This hypnotherapy programme effectively targets 5 out of the 6 main risk factors. It is known that if you reduce these risk factors that it is highly likely that you will not only reduce your high blood pressure but also improve your overall health dramatically.  It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of people who have high blood pressure (hypertension). I look at the individual need of each client and devise a treatment plan for the most effective way of tackling high blood pressure.   Together, we will address the emotional and lifestyle factors which contribute to your high blood pressure so that you can take back control and reduce your blood pressure naturally. 

Remember that even though you may not feel particularly stressed you may actually be constantly in a stressed state!  It is possible to be so used to being in a 'red alert' state that you don't even notice!  Many clients 'forget' how it feels to be relaxed.

The combination of high blood pressure factors is unique for each person, and treatment can typically vary from 4-12 sessions over a suitable period of time. I ensure that the sessions are focussed to your personal needs so that you get the most benefit in the shortest time possible. You will initially commit to my basic programme, starting with the 1.5 hour appointment, then we will asign the following 3 hours to either full hour or 30 minute sessions according to your specific requirements.  Your progress is carefully monitored over the course of treatment so you get the most benefit as soon as possible, and so that we both know what is working best in your particular case.  A copy of your progress chart will also be made available to you so you can show your GP if you wish.