Hypnotic Happy Hours

You like to relax physically and mentally don’t you?  How about combining that with raising your energy levels, elevating your mood and increasing your joie de vivre?   You can experience a naturally high mindset during a Hypnotic Happy Hour and build each week on your general level of happiness and wellbeing.  Combining powerful hypnotic inductions, applied imagination and relaxation, I help you to build up your techniques to access happiness. 

What is Hypnotic Happy Hour? A combination of hypnotic inductions and deep relaxation techniques allow me to guide you safely and beautifully into a series of completely individual states of happiness. Workshops such as "Seaside Sensation" - being right there on your favourite beach, evoking the joy and freedom associated with that summer feeling; "Cosmic Connection" - the joy of freedom and connection and free flowing joyful energy; "The Euphoria Fruit"; "Jungle Heights" and many others offer you an entirely individual experience of experiencing happiness.  Many of the techniques I use can be used at home to elevate your mood.Each unique one hour workshop is created around an individual theme and is complete in itself, however for maximum ongoing benefit I recommend you attend the full series of 6 sessions.

 When? 7.30-8.30 Tuesdays

 31st October, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th November and 5th December

 Where? Hervines Park Pavilion, Hervines Park, Amersham HP6 5HU

Who for? Anyone over 18 years of age. (If you have ever been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder then please contact me prior to booking.)

What should I bring? You may take part seated, in which case you may like to bring a cushion for your chair, or bring a yoga mat and cushion to enjoy the session lying down. The aim is to be as comfortable as possible!