Change My Mind!

lani balloon jump for webThe 'Change My Mind!' sessions are aimed at those people who have 'lost' themselves along the way.  You may be seeking help with a specific problem but realise that this is simply the tip of the iceberg. As a Mindset Mentor, my approach is very much based on the practical application of imagination as I help you to consider how you would really like to feel, behave and be.  I don't tell you what to do, but rather help you to sculpt your life to the shape you desire. 

Using hypnotherapy combined with other empowerment techniques I offer you personal support and guidance to overcome your obstacles and learn to recognise, re-discover and develop the personal tools to achieve what you REALLY need from life.

Following an initial one and a half hour appointment, each of the next six session lasts 30 minutes. Appointments are every week or fortnight - we decide together what you need. Your first session will include a medical history questionairre, and we will work to create your most powerful goal.

Most people seeking to change have issues which may need addressing, and I generally recommend clients work on these issues first, thus giving them a better foundation to build their change upon and thus a greater chance of long term success. This normally takes the form of recognising and releasing limitations imposed upon ourselves unnecessarily.

Once those foundations are in place,  I will support you on the road to managing your lifestyle holistically by helping you create and stick to a realistic plan of action.


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you!  I honestly feel in myself, the best I have I have felt for a very long time! 

Thank you for helping me get my mojo back!"

Emma H