Mindset4Change Workshops

Mastering meditation 

I have been running meditation classes for over 20 years and know without doubt that there really is something out there for everyone.  Over 5 weeks you will experience and practice a number of different forms of meditation to find out what suits you. Please get in touch to find out more.


Mindset Mentoring for Lasting Change

Using a variety of mind management techniques, Karen  will help you to become more calm, collected and in control of your life.  Whether you have a very specific issue, or you are experiencing a general imbalance in your life, she will help you work out what you really want, what changes you need to make and how you are going to achieve lasting results.

This session will include:

Why we do things to stop ourselves succeeding

How we create our self-sabotage strategies and techniques to release them

The skill of realistic goal setting (applies to personal or business goals)

Guided visualisation to reflect on overcoming obstacles 


Life beyond Self-Sabotage

Tame your self-saboteur- Set and achieve your goals.

An understanding of how we sabotage ourselves as individuals, and how we feel when we do so, can provide the basis for taking action to change. 

We must then learn ways to facilitate healing of the root causes, to move past deeply embedded negative behaviour patterns and mindfully continue our journeys of change.

Self-sabotage may be seen as representing a fingerprint of our personal history; a mirror for us to see invisible aspects of our hearts, souls and minds. The manifestations present themselves mentally, emotionally and in our behaviour, causing us to enter natural patterns of repetitive self-destruction. The battle between our conscious and unconscious thoughts can lead to poor outcomes when we attempt to change, and without healing, the pattern will remain fixed.

Goal setting is fundamental to changing habits, whether in our personal lives or our business, and a well set goal is far more likely to lead to success.  By understanding our motivation, creating a strong framework and really questioning the viability of our goal we can bring about more lasting and satisfying change.

If you would like to apply these principles for yourself, then why not join me at this workshop? You will learn how to hear and start to heal the part of you which repeatedly causes you to give up on your aspirations, either on a personal or business level.

Using a number of “Mindset 4 Change” techniques, I will equip you with tools to set goals mindfully, blast away limiting beliefs and to continue your journey towards lasting change.


Contact me to book your place at these workshops.    They take place in Chesham Bois and can also be specifically tailored for your group.