Adaptive hypnotherapy for childen

You're a trained, qualified hypnotherapist who is interested in learning more about working with children, and you are in the right place.

Working with children really isn't for everyone, and that is as it should be.  However, I know many hypnotherapists who would like to explore this work but are a little nervous of doing so.  

My aim is to help you recognise how, with just a few changes to the way you already work, you can dive confidently into this wonderfully rewarding area.

In a one day training, delivered via Zoom, you will learn:

  • Child logic and psychology


  • The legal stuff


Essential foundation skills

Using ‘convincers’


  • The essentials
  • Adaptive language
  • Imagination
  • Convincers
  • The mind-body connection
  • Props

Inductions and deepening techniques for children
•Common problem initiators

  • Commonly encountered problems (over 25 problems included)

  • Hypnotherapeutic treatment interventions

  • Behavioural interventions

  • Case studies


Engaging your client’s imagination.

SEN  ADHD, Autistic spectrum, Cerebral Palsy


1. Child psychology and development

Good to know, but remember, you were a child once!  We'll explore the very basics such as Piaget’s theory of cognitive development

Special factors in treating the under 6s

Special factors in treating children between 6-12

Special factors in treating adolescents

Relating to the child

2. legal stuff

Are Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines relevant?




Other considerations